Don Clixby Transport - Trucking Through The Decades

Clixby's - Trusted for over 7 decades

Scania 141

Don Clixby loading sugar beet in the 1980's

Volvo F.86 and 'Nelson Russell' ready to go in the 1970's

From the 30's to the present day.

The lorries have changed over the years but Don Clixby Ltd of Blyton, Lincolnshire, are still delivering a quality service to their clients.

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We are proud of our history and proud to say we have provided a transport / haulage service for over 70 years and we hope to do so for many more years to come.

Geoff Rose and Albion in the 1960's - Geoff drove with us for over thirty years until his retirement.

Clixby's Agricultural Roots 1930's and 40's

Clixby's: First-Fordson-tractors-into-gainsborough-1930's
Clixby's: First Fordson tractors into Gainsborough 1930's